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Visualization services, cad engineer's workplace. 3D rendering and simulations

We are an engineering office focused on several fields of Engineering: Mechanical, Civil & Architecture, Software development, Automation & PLC, as well as Visualization services.

Our goal is to implement cost-effective solutions for our clients in times when outsourcing specific tasks or jobs has become increasingly popular. Outsourcing helps your business to deal with workload fluctuations and increases the flexibility of your company. In today’s very competitive world, that is changing rapidly, your business can benefit extremely by hiring independent professionals with the right expertise.

Advantages of working with us



Quality of service has become a vital parameter in outsourcing, customers are now looking beyond labor arbitrage. Therefore, high-quality outsourcing is a feature we emphasize.

High-skilled professionals


The presence of strong technical schools (especially Technical University of Moldova – UTM) has fueled the rapid increase in the number of companies providing engineering services in the CEE region.

Technical infrastructure


Republic of Moldova has one of the best-wired Internet connections in the world, as well as one of the cheapest in terms of price per Mbit. The overall infrastructure is well developed, which allows many users to experience good quality services throughout the country.



Amongst CEE destinations, Moldova is one of the most inexpensive country. As a result, labor costs are significantly lower compared to Western Europe. Moreover, the tax incentives for IT companies is also an important cost-cutting solution.

Shared languages


Although the official language is Romanian, a large part of the population is multilingual. For instance, Russian is the second spoken language.
In Chisinau, a good amount of highly skilled professionals aged under thirty-forty speak English fairly well. In addition, some may speak French, Italian or German.

who we are

Our Creative Team

Anatol Postolachi, CEO, PBP Engineering

Anatol Postolachi

Alexandru Burghila, COO, PBP Engineering

Alexandru Burghila

Victor Pasincovschi, CTO, PBP Engineering

Victor Pasincovschi