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Mechanical engineering, CAD 3D modelling and drafting, concept development

Mechanical Engineering

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Steel structures design, Shiny overpass for cables, gas and oil pipelines from columns, beams and ties. Architectural, engineering and construction hair dryer. 3D rendering and blueprint.

Our engineers share backgrounds in:

We are able to deliver solutions from basic design until detailed engineering/workshop drawings.

steel structures design (material handling systems; high voltage power masts; cranes; gantries, suction tubes for dredging vessels; bunkers; production plants; platforms, ducting and equipment for sludge/biomass/waste drying installations, steel structures for air-cooled heat exchangers);

machines building, especially mold design (injection molding for plastics and aluminum) and sheet metal.

What we can do for you:

CAD Design Services

CAD 3D Modelling and Drafting Services

Convert (old) 2D drawings to 3D models including corresponding working drawings

Concept development

Make changes to existing drawings and 3D models

Project development and prototyping

Create as-built drawings

Reverse Engineering Services

Create new designs or recreate existing product designs based on existing ones. Reverse engineering can speed up product development, reduce risk, save time, and increase productivity.

R. of Moldova benefits from a successful location between Romania and Ukraine (2 countries with strong heavy industry), we are also able to find a manufacturer in this vast region, comprised of the 3 countries of the Black Sea basin, and intermediate the production of any complexity steel structure and machine at competitive prices. The road and rail network, as well as the access to the Black Sea and Danube river ensures shipping to any required destination.

Industrial steel structure production, welder in factory
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